Nimit Gupta

Google Search Results Get A Makeover

As Of January 15th, 2020, Google Has Changed The Way The Search Results Appear

Google has rolled out its latest design change on the desktop. The black “Ad” label for paid results and favicons for organic results. I really like the way it looks and maybe that is because every change Google does looks good! Remember Gmail! Anyways, let’s get to the details!

Google tweeted the following as announcement-

It was already live for months on Google mobile results. Here is how the paid and organic results look.

Organic results with favicons
Paid ads results

Google sent out another tweet related to this-

How It Impacts Marketers and what you can do?

This change is bound to impact the way people click (because of the favicons), but the difference, in my opinion, will not be that much. This update is more of a UI enhancement rather any feature update.

In any case, I would recommend people to wait for a few weeks and track the results. Most importantly check the changes in the clickthrough rate. Then accordingly change your strategy.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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