Nimit Gupta

Google ‘Decluttering’ The First Results Page Through Featured Snippets!

The featured snippets will not be repeated on the 1st page!

If your website is showing on the first page as a featured snippet, it will not be repeated on the first page of Google search, going forward!

Interesting! Right?

The reason given by Google is that this is to declutter the first page!

This was tweeted by Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan.

This has been rolled out globally, he further mentioned in a tweet.

I really think this is a good step. If you have noticed, snippets, many times, are of the page which is further down the position. So, in reality, it is coming twice on the first page! I always found this to be a bit unfair! This always seems unfair as snippets drive a lot of traffic! And the top-ranking page link, even with great SEO, loses on a sizable share of traffic!!

Now the snippet will become one of the 10 search results on a page!

It would be interesting to see, however, how the search console would handle the changes!

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